Wireless audio can be an extremely convenient way to experience your music while doing a multitude of activities, but the audio quality has been pretty abysmal, especially if you are using a legacy Hi-Fi audio system with no wireless connectivity of its own. Auris aims to change that with the bluMe. The device is a small Bluetooth enabled audio receiver that connects to your home stereo system via traditional RCA audio jacks or Digital Optical SPIDF out. Bluetooth adapters for non-wireless stereos are nothing new, but Auris claims that theirRead More
Update 12:00 PM EST: Amazon Public Relations Specialist, Lyn Hart, reached out to us with new information about Amazon Underground. The new app from Amazon is meant to be a replacement for their current mobile shopping app… with a twist. They now have the “Underground” section that will feature over $10,000 worth of apps that Amazon calls “Actually Free.” What does “Actually Free” mean? In this case, it means an app that is free to download and has all of its functionality intact without any dreaded in app purchases. According toRead More
Today, we are taking a look at a neat little Android Home Theater PC from WeTek. The WeTek Play is one of many Android set-top boxes and HDMI sticks floating around in the wild, but as soon as I heard that they have become official sponsors of both Kodi and the OpenELEC project, I knew I had to give this device a try. It does have a few unique features that set it apart from the crowd. For example, the Play ships with a fully Google-certified version of Android 4.2.2Read More
Back in January, while at CES, I was able to meet with some of the great people at IOGEAR. Their booth was filled with the latest products and I got a personal tour, even though I hadn’t scheduled one. They showed all the latest things at that time and included some items that were perfect for the writing bunch. One of which was this little gem: the KeyShair. Now, when I find myself in the middle of writing an article, I usually would bounce back and forth between my laptopRead More
Ahh, the GTX 750, my favorite GPU of last year. Well, that’s been replaced today, by the GTX 950. The 950 seems to pack some beef at the incredible low starting price of $159.99, so, what are my first impressions? Well, I’m quite impressed, and let me explain why. First off, the designs are far better then last generation, so for those of you whose PC’s have side panel windows, you can show off even more now. At first glance, it may look like one of its higher end brothers, beingRead More
Wanting to focus on quality over quantity, the Webos Ports team didn’t release a July stable release of LuneOS. Instead, they fixed many loose ends and made the OS much more useable, and released a stable release for August. Following the coffee jargon, this month brings us a delicious Caffè Crema. Caffè Crema brings a new Maps application, Bluetooth back-end support for the HP TouchPad, keyboard layouts for more languages, and a ton more. Check out the changelog below!   Apps: Browser: Various bugfixes and support for various dialogs, alerts andRead More
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Fitness trackers are notorious for either being bad, but waterproof, or great, but can’t get wet. Misfit is trying to change that by partnering with Speedo to bring you the Speedo Shine, one of the first wearable designed with swimmers in mind. From lap counting algorithms, to tracking calories, the Speedo Shine looks to be the go-to tracker for swimmers. The Speedo Shine will initially available in retail at Apple Stores worldwide on September 1st, but will be available online from Misfit.com and SpeedoUSA.com for $79.99. See the full pressRead More
Lenovo C40 Featured
It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a real desktop, my last one (still in use, somewhat) being a Dell E510 with a Pentium D and maxed at 4GB RAM. Old school, yo. We still somewhat use desktops at my house, but the majority of computing is done on either phones, laptops, or tablets. Portability rules, and so does desk space. Gone are the days of needing both a tower and monitor to have powerful computing, as laptops become more powerful themselves and can easily be hooked up toRead More