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I was looking for a good set of speakers and couldn’t find any that were in my price range. In speaking with Kinivo, they offered to send the M2 speakers to me to review, and I readily jumped. I expected OKish sound quality, but nothing like the Logitech speakers many of my friends have, or even like the LG soundbar I have in the living room; boy was I wrong. I was very leary of the sub woofer performance, though, before actually hearing them for myself. But enough of that.Read More
If you are anything like me, when Google announced their music locker service and gave away 10,000 slots for you to upload your music to you rushed and uploaded every MP3 you had as quickly as your hands could click and drag. That number has climbed to a whopping 50,000 songs at the time of this writing and since it’s launch I have relied on the service to house all of my sizable music library. In fact, in a lot of cases I don’t even have the original files IRead More
The common computer mouse; something that’s been around for ages. You might remember your first mouse, and like mine, it had a little ball underneath it. The tracking was terrible, you had to use a mousepad, it wasn’t that great of an experience. Don’t get me wrong. It was awesome to be able to use a computer, but the experience just wasn’t there. Then optical and ball mice came along (different ball) and tracking got better, but it still wasn’t that amazing. Then we moved even further along; laser miceRead More
OneNote Evernote Featured
I used to jump from note taking app to note taking app, and then one day I got a random notification on my Note 3. “You just got a year of Evernote Premium thanks to Samsung!” Well, at that point, I decided to just use Evernote for everything. I loved it! Evernote was my go-to note taking app for everything from grocery lists to school notes, but then it happened; my year started coming to a close. It’s almost time for my Evernote premium subscription to end, and I hadRead More
Preorders for the Huawei Watch started a few weeks ago, and they began shipping today. Also, you can now order them without having to wait for preorders from various websites like Huawei, the Google Store, Best Buy, and Amazon. Pricing ranges from $349 to $499, and you can receive your order as soon as Saturday from Amazon if you have Prime. One of our favorite features from the Huawei watch is the fact it has a sapphire crystal screen, which is very resilient to scratches. The Huawei Watch is oneRead More
Cricket, a subsidiary of AT&T, is launching 3 new fall promotions tomorrow. The new HTC Desire 520 for $99.99 with activation,  making Cricket the only US carrier to offer the phone at such an affordable price point.  Smartphones for as low as $19.99 (full list included in release below) for customers who bring their numbers to Cricket  A second chance to sign up for Cricket Protect with a special enrollment period between September 11th – October 30th. Normally customers only have seven days after purchase to elect the insurance, which replaces a smartphoneRead More

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Kodi 16.0 Jarvis Alpha Released

The XBMC foundation has just released a new alpha version of their popular media center software, Kodi. Jarvis, named after Tony Stark’s virtual computer assistant, is the new code name for version 16.0, taking the place of the “iron fortress” from The Lord of The Rings, Isengard that adorned Kodi 15.0. Besides the new name, Kodi 16.0 is bringing with it a whole slew of improvements and new features. One of the biggest changes in Kodi 16.0 Jarvis for Windows users is the implementation of DirectX 11. Previously, Kodi wasRead More
Huawei Watch Black_Links Front
The Huawei Watch.. The watch we’ve all wanted since the leaks started happening, and it’s finally here. Huawei is at IFA this year, and they’re launching a few things, one of them being their entrance into the Android Wear battle. The Huawei Watch is a 42mm watch that sports the normal Snapdragon 400, 300mAh battery, and average 400×400 screen rolling at 286ppi. It does not have a flat tire like some other round smartwatches we know, and it looks dang beautiful The Huawei Watch is going to come in several differentRead More