Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds has been an addicting game for the young and old since release almost 5 years ago. Wow, has it really been that long? Either way, Rovio has come a long way as a company and Angry Birds has come a long way as a game, releasing multiple versions. Every version seemed to make the last one seem obsolete, at least for a few weeks until you beat the latest one and went back to play all of your favorite levels again. Well, Rovio has done it again. AngryRead More
During Motorola’s cross continent announcement today, we were shown three new phones. Since its first launch in 2013, the Moto G has become the company’s best selling phone to date. This importance has shown through this year, with the phone receiving an admirable upgrade. A lot of new features were talked about, but here are the 5 things you need to know about this year’s Moto G.   Display Motorola has kept the display size from last year, with the G holding a 5 inch, “HD” display. Unfortunately, we don’tRead More
In just a few minutes, at 9 AM EST, Motorola will take the stage in New York, London, and Brazil to announce their newest products to the world. Since the launch of the 2013 Moto X, the Chicago based company has chosen early fall for product launches, so this early date has taken many of us by surprise. With past products shipping weeks or even months after the announcement event, we are hoping the new resources and infrastructure from Lenovo will shorten that delay. Based on leaks, we can expectRead More
GadgtSpot and Bane Tech have teamed up to bring you a pretty sweet giveaway! Josh over at Bane Tech is giving away portable batteries, cases, cables, and more! Two winners will receive whatever he can stuff into the boxes! Over here at GadgtSpot, we’re giving away two of June’s Vault Boy of the Month T-shirts from Bethesda (it glows in the dark!), a year of PS+ or Xbox Live Gold (winner’s choice), and a $25 Play Store gift card. The contest will run for two weeks, so enter for your chanceRead More
Polaroid - Cube+ Phone top
Polaroid has been a big name in photography for years. Last year, Polaroid announced the Polaroid Cube, a small, point-of-view action camera. A few of the downsides to the Cube, though, were a lack of WiFi connectivity to use a smartphone as a viewfinder (which the Cube lacks in order to keep its small form factor), SDXC support (the Cube only supported up to SDHC, or 32GB Micro SD cards), and no image stabilization. These issues, however, were fixed in the Cube+. The Cube+ offers all of the above features,Read More
apple music
With the recent release of iOS 8.4 came Apple’s promised Apple Music and Beats 1 services. Apple breaks into the streaming competition and goes head-to-head-to-head against Google Play Music All Access and Spotify Premium. While it may seem like a simple app to use, it may be a bit confusing and chaotic at times. Here’s a couple of tips that might help you out. Disable Apple Music Connect Apple seems to believe that following your favorite band’s or artist’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts aren’t enough. Hence, Apple Music Connect.Read More
Early in June, I was contacted by OLALA and asked to review one of their power banks. Now, even though I already have one (what self-respecting techie doesn’t?), I was more than happy to review another. Coming in at a decent 10,400mAh and having two 5V USB connections, with 2.1A and 1A, respectively, the OLALA G3 good little battery pack. Even though it is not the largest capacity (I personally have a power bank that has 50,000mAh), this power bank is large enough that the average user will have no troubleRead More
What do you get when you mix a massive phone with enough bands to make her dance and an experimental MVNO that harbors dual cellular networks? The punchline is surprisingly positive; you get an experience unrepeatable and truly special.  For those of you that are already furiously typing out in the comments, I requested an invite an hour after the service was launched. I received my invite on May 11, exactly 50 days later. On June 4th, I requested a SIM kit, officially beginning my journey. On Monday, June 8th,Read More